Should You Grease a Tow Ball?

Greasing is a great way to preserve metal integrity and extend durability, and the tow ball isn’t left out. However, unlike other metals in machine history, the tow ball has special consideration due to its exposed nature.

Yes, you should grease your tow ball, but there’s a catch.

The trailer hitch ball is a crucial part of the trailer hitch system, where the coupler latches for tow and control of the trailer. Refer to how to tighten a hitch ball without a torque wrench for more information.

should you grease a tow ball

Should You Grease a Tow Ball?

Yes, it would be best to grease a tow ball with caution. The interaction of metal to metal causes friction, and friction generates heat. According to physics, heat causes metal to expand, and that can cause wear and tear.

Another problem is iron rust which can lead to difficulty in the functionality of the machine part.

A sudden need to change a machine part increases expenses and tolls on time.

Lubricants are a great way to decrease the unnecessary clamping of metal surfaces.

Lubricants such as grease or grease alternatives cause more smooth locomotion between the hitch ball and coupler surfaces, a quiet operation, and prolonged tow life.

Iron rust, wear, and tear is reasons you should grease your tow ball.

The following are Top-notch hitch ball grease that you can use to prevent iron rust and wear & tear.

● Waterproof hitch ball Lubricant

● grease Heavy Duty

● Axle grease

● Moly Grease

How To Grease a Trailer Hitch Ball

To Grease, your trailer hitch ball is straight on point. First off, have the trailer hitch ball affixed to the ball Mount.

It doesn’t matter if the ball Mount is in the hitch receiver or out. It’s to prevent you from messing off the Grease on the hitch ball during installation on the ball mount.

Get the Grease of your choice. Smear generously around the trailer hitch ball, having the hitch Coupler in mind—no big deal.

They are easy and fast to apply if you’re using a grease alternative. The next thing is to have your hitch Coupler latching the ball.

How Often Should You Grease?

The Greasing of your hitch ball is not a do-or-die affair. If you always use the hitch ball, you should grease it often to keep its integrity. You can grease your hitch ball monthly or seasonally, like every spring and fall.

You can grease as often as you wish. No law perpetuates a periodic hitch ball Greasing,

Keep in mind to do a proper grease cleanup before another smear. Topping a new grease on the old is a sure way of gathering debris. Also, confirm the amount of Grease on the ball before installing the hitch Coupler for proper latching.

Can I Grease A Rusty Trailer Hitch Ball?

It depends on the magnitude of the rust. If you’re dealing with a mere rust coat on the ball’s surface, you can apply your hitch ball grease to abate more iron rust.

If the rust has eaten deep enough that it distorts the hitch ball’s shape, it’s a bad idea to grease it. At this rate, it’s late and dangerous.

However, there are ways to knock off some magnitude of rust on your hitch ball:

  • Bathe the hitch ball in white vinegar overnight.
  • Rinse the next day.
  • Use sandpaper to brush off the rust flake.

Expert advice: For safety, dispose of rusted trailer hitch balls and have yourself a new one. The best you can do is to prevent rust from happening.

Grease Alternatives

Use the following grease alternatives instead of traditional Grease to lubricate your tow ball. 

Graphite Lubricants are dry Lubricants that keep the debris out while maintaining smooth locomotion between the hitch coupler and the hitch ball without needing Grease. Cleaning after use is a breeze

● Candle Wax: these may sound gross and ugly, but it’s worth it. Should you grease a tow ball with candle wax? Solid candle wax does the job well, and cleaning is easy.

● Engine oil/motor oil: Not the brightest of ideas, but valuable when you’re out of options. Keep in mind that motor oil will thin out at the temperature rise.

Other Ways To Protect Your Hitch Ball From Rust

Aside from greasing, you can prevent the ball from getting rusted.

One way to do that is by covering its surface with a hitch ball coat. Though it is less effective than the Greasing, I’ll work best if the ball is already greased. Covering the hitch ball is ideal for protecting the iron surface from elements that can cause corrosion.

Another method is to keep the hitch ball in a cool, dry place. Wet environment sponsors iron rust. Your ability to keep your tow ball from such conditions of dampness abates iron rust..


#1. Would my Trailer hitch ball wear out?

Your trailer hitch ball will wear out permanently if you don’t apply grease or alternatives.

Final Thoughts

Greasing your tow ball serves up a noiseless tow and trailer control. It keeps the hitch ball in shape and extends its life span.

You save yourself the headache of emergency machine breakdown and unplanned repair expenses. 

To abate debris stacking at the coupler, use graphite Lubricants.

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